Customer Display System

Clearly display price information to your customers at the time of purchase

Customer Display System

Install Loyverse CDS on a separate tablet and use it alongside Loyverse POS to deliver order details, price information and reward points to customers at the time of purchase. Give customers a way to conveniently enter their email address.



Features cds
  • Convenient to customers

    Customers can see order information before final payment.

  • Displays all information

    All order details are visible including modifiers, discounts, taxes etc.

  • Loyalty points

    Regular customers can see accumulated loyalty points.

  • Optional email entry

    Customers wishing to receive e-receipt can easily enter their email.

  • Less mistakes

    Shows every purchased item as well as paid amount and change.

  • Works offline

    It just works, even without Internet connection.

  • Quick and easy installation

    Download the app and set it up in an instant.

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How Do I Get Started?

  1. Get yourself an Android device or an iPad or iPhone.
  2. Download Loyverse Customer Display app
  3. Follow these simple instructions to set it up
If you don’t have a Loyverse account, register here–it’s free.

Customer Display System Q&A

What is Loyverse CDS?

Loyverse CDS is a display system app that is facing your customers. It runs on iOS or Android devices and shows the information from the Loyverse POS to your clients. CDS is usually placed at the counter in front of the customer so they are able to see the details about the items that are added to their receipt. The Loyverse CDS is a modern way to provide clients with more control over their purchases.

CDS displays all necessary information about the purchase. This includes item names, quantity, modifiers, discounts, and taxes. Your regular customers can see their accumulated loyalty points and the points they have earned after their purchase. Those who wish to receive an e-receipt can easily enter their email in CDS. In the case of cash payments, CDS also displays the change.

How to set up Loyverse CDS?

First, you need to have an account in Loyverse and have at least one Loyverse POS app. Then you have to install the Loyverse CDS app on a separate device and that is placed facing your customers. POS and CDS are connected via WiFi through a WiFi router. Follow these easy steps to connect and configure the customer display system.

What hardware is Loyverse CDS compatible with?

Loyverse CDS app is compatible with iOS devices the recommended version of iOS is 11.0 or higher or Android (5.0 or higher) devices.

You can also connect your POS installed in your Apple device to your CDS in an Android device, and vice versa.