Kitchen Display System

Loyverse KDS informs your cooking staff what to prepare from an order

Improve ticket times and accuracy with Loyverse KDS app. Loyverse KDS communicates directly with Loyverse POS and displays all necessary order information: items, modifiers and notes.


Loyverse KDS Helps Your Kitchen Run
Smooth Even at Peak Times


Simplify communication between servers and kitchen staff. Your servers ring up orders in Loyverse POS, and Loyverse Kitchen Display System immediately brings them right in front of your kitchen staff eyes, no time wasted.



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  • Effective order management

    Get orders to kitchen automatically straight from Loyverse POS, faster and with less errors.

  • Tickets at a glance

    Items, quantities, modifiers, item and ticket comments - everything in one screen.

  • Colors to indicate wait time

    You set the time, KDS changes ticket header colors to alert your kitchen staff.

  • Ticket recall

    Mark orders as completed with a single touch. Easily recall them as necessary.

  • Customizable sound notifications

    In a noisy kitchen environment, KDS will chime to announce each new order.

  • Sleek design

    Straight-forward user interface which requires zero training.

  • Dark theme

    Choose a mode which is suitable for your low-light kitchen environment.

  • Seamless installation

    Download and set up in an instant. Use the same account you’ve been using for Loyverse POS.


Less paper, less mess

Say goodbye to kitchen printers and those chunky paper rolls. Save and go green.

Colorful ticket headers clearly indicate order waiting time, drawing attention to what has to be cooked and served first. Less late orders, more happy patrons.

Less paper, less mess

Pair any number of kitchen displays and printers with any number of POS devices

Pair any number

Learn how to use the Loyverse POS system with ease


    Live Chat support 24/7

    The team of our experts is always ready to help you to operate the system directly on the spot in the POS and Back Office.


    Help Center

    A comprehensive set of step-by-step guides in 17 languages with video tutorials.


    Loyverse Town

    A community for users of Loyverse products. For sharing experience and tips on using the system and other topics for business development.


Apollon Cafe, Greece
"Since we installed the Loyverse app, we managed to significantly increase the quality of our services, with the help and almost instant support of their team. We were able to serve many more customers without delays, and our employees can now handle any workload at any time. You just need the Loyverse POS, the KDS, a receipt printer and you are ready to smoothly run your shop! Thank you, Loyverse team!"
Apollon Cafe, Greece
Rivera's Coffee. Ruiz, Nayarit, Mexico
We here at Rivera's Coffee have tried many POS programs. They all lacked some part: kitchen display, table service or reports. Loyverse brings every part of a point of sale together into one smooth operation. Rivera's Coffee has two kitchens and a grill area, three dining areas, terraces outside, and a main dinning room. The table service for Android tablets means no more printed menus. Thank you, Loyverse.
Richard and Dina. Rivera's Coffee. Ruiz, Nayarit, Mexico
Cuisine Restaurant, Malaysia
"Loyverse is the most suitable POS System for small and medium business startups. It fulfills all the restaurant requirements; they have customer display and kitchen orders display like McDonald's, and it is all wireless. They have designed a very user-friendly Back Office which you can easily control and manage your sales. Most importantly it is absolutely FREE. I have tried several POS Systems, and this is the best."
Coya Healthy Cuisine Restaurant, Malaysia

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Get yourself an tablet or iPad
  2. Download Loyverse Kitchen Display app
  3. Follow these simple instructions to set it up
If you don’t have a Loyverse account, register here–it’s free.

Kitchen Display System Q&A

What is Loyverse KDS?

Loyverse KDS is the kitchen display system app that runs on iPad or Android tablets and shows the orders made from the Loyverse POS. KDS is usually placed in the kitchen for the cooks to view the order information and prepare dishes. Kitchen display is a modern way to replace the traditional kitchen printers that print paper tickets. It is a great way to save paper by making the process digital.

KDS displays all necessary information about kitchen orders: items names, quantities, modifiers, comments to items and tickets; it has the color indication of tickets, depending on the time, that passed since it was issued.

How to set up Loyverse KDS?

First, you need to have an account in Loyverse and have at least one Loyverse POS app. Then you have to install the Loyverse KDS app on a separate tablet and place it in the kitchen, in landscape mode. POS and KDS are connected via WiFi through WiFi router. Follow easy steps to connect and configure the kitchen display system.

Can I connect multiple KDS stations to the same POS?

Absolutely. it is possible to have several KDS stations connected to the same POS. You can set one of your KDS stations to show orders from a particular item section and the other KDS can be set to display orders from a different item section. Those settings are made in the Back office and the KDS.

What hardware is Loyverse KDS compatible with?

Loyverse KDS app is compatible with iPad, the recommended version of iOS is 11.0 or higher or Android (5.0 or higher) tablets. Although the minimum requirement is a 7” display, it is recommended to use at least a 10” tablet for better visibility. The tablet should be positioned in landscape mode.

You can also connect your POS installed in your Apple device to your KDS in an Android device, and vice versa.